the point of all this
This site was created for the sole purpose of showing some art and Bitching.Maybe some profit from it would be lovley but still an art site nonetheless.

No requests PLEASE Im the laziest forgetfulest human on the planet and you'll find nothing but disapointment. if youre cool I just might make somthing outta the blue and dump it on your site.

If you got the dough I'll be glad to work to my litte heart's content!!weee moneeeey! but no porn/hentai. well.............Maybe if ya paid me ALOT... NO NO NO what AM I SAYING!?!?!? AAAAAA!

Usage Rights
If by any chance you feel like using this art for anything on the web or presentations or Anthing please email and tell me what pictures youre gonna use.Altering/reselling/claiming any of them will result in an inevitable fate.(aka my bitching and the occasional rotting Zombie doberman)

Original Stuff
Just because it aint owned by some bigass manga/anime company dosent mean you can skip by and take/borrow my character concepts and story.and if ya I dont mean to sound threatning, but... THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY!!

all the art in the fanart section that is based off of charcaters owned by big name companies arent mine and have nothing to do with me even though I wish they did, so if youre going to sue me then youre probably a loser company thats resorting to sueing everyfangirls site that doesnt have a disclaimer just so you can have some cash too. LOSERS! I hope that was understandable enough.^_^.

E-Mailing me
If youre going to flame me that would be awsome!!!Im running out of good sites to laugh at anyways.If youre just gonna leave comments or ask questions then um go ahead.Im a pretty mellow person.But I dont check my e-mail as frequently anymore.