Happy fappy wappy Kisskae!
Didnt know I did kissdolls eh? EH?!

you will need the PlayFkiss veiwer to view these dolls,available at Otaku world
for free

------Finished for Download!------
took meh several months...but.it is dun. HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Vermillion Graves
blink,hair changes, transperancies
My first doll, cant think of anything right now, but be sure to read the .txt file for alot of info and insanity. this is a very big file...

Thandie Porter
Smooth blink,hair changes,Snap-to,transperancies,map/unmap command thinges.Editor's Award!
Second doll, very cute XD. Not as big as Vermillion but still very proud X3. I kept a journal, and typed a .txt readme file thing. be sure to read them.

------In Progress------
none currently ^^;

------Future Plans------
~I have selected a male original character for kiss(weeheeeeeeee!) but its a secret XD
~A horse. my dad's Idea ^^; still dunno.. :P
~Pinky. I dunno. A pink furry doll would be nice.
~ fooky! XPPPPP